Visual Arts

Painting with Digital Photography

I feel like the contemporary version of a classicist painter: my canvas is digital and my palette consists in a vast photographic archive.

Blending dozens of photographs in intricate compositions of hundreds of layers, I’m driven to give a realistic consistency to the realm of imagination.


My work is divided in collections, each dedicated to a specific concept


Zero Plastic is both an art project and an awareness campaign tackling plastic pollution.

An estimated 4.7 million tons of plastic ends up in our oceans each year

 Of the top 10 items found on beaches across the world, seven are made from plastic


 The visual look of the campaign is set like a classic fashion advertising, portraying those photoshopped beauties our eyes feel so comfortable with, but mixing them with the horrors plaguing our environment.

The result is an impacting combination, strangely appealing yet disturbing, like the kind of images that stay seared in our memories.


The Packaged personification depicts the mutation of identities exposed to continuous brand conditioning.

In a culture devoid of content, all is driven by the brand symbolism.

Through corporate icons we communicate our status, as marketing tools of the self, associating our persona with a product-identity: the objects we own become our packaging, defining our value in the social market.

Brands proposes esthetically appealing integrations between humans and their creations, teasing on one side the materialistic fetish, inspiring on the other a symbiotic relationship with the contemporary lifestyle


The Eva Project is collaboration with photographer Lesa Amoore, exploring both the social esthetical hysteria and the roots of beauty in modern woman.

Visual art explores and disassembles the paradigm of shaping identities in a society programmed by medias.

Eva is about women and the role that our culture established for them.

On one side is the parody of the extreme esthetical pressure, on the

other, the search of a beauty beyond the stereotypes enforced by the medias.


This collection explores the roots of the Asian archetypes, re contextualizing them in western esthetic codes, in order to portray the establishment and the effect of eastern logics in western bodies.

Details of Buddhist temples intertwine with yogic asanas, bringing forth the elaborate esthetics of the current spiritual revolution


RealArt ( Art of Reality ) consists in grasping pieces of reality through photography and, by changing their contexts, transforming their intrinsic meaning, therefore bringing to life an alternate environment,

with different laws.

Each and every element can transmit a sensation and portray a characterization that reveals life.

This is a way to interpret reality, which seemingly invites us towards an exploration of its value, a value that is still unknown, and unexplored

In this era of digital technology, a new consciousness has been unveiled, where the line between interior and exterior has faded, yielding images pertaining to the inner realm as concrete and defined as something that the best of surrealism could only dream of.


Our state, the experience of existence, it’s defined in the balance between the outer and the inner world.

Skin is the membrane that separates the individual cell from the environment, the point of contact between the inner and outer world.

It is the organ mediating our experience, feeling the surrounding elements, like the costume giving a tactile identity to the emotional character we impersonate.




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