Diversity is nature’s main strategy for survival of the species; diversification multiplies the chances to navigate successfully trough the evolutionary ordeal: It is our greatest gift, but can also be our greatest weakness.

Tribal Psychology & the magnification effect of socialmedia is at the root of the rise of social divisiveness: our brain can be tricked into inclusion or exclusion of our similars with the smallest and most illogical of differences.

Today’s society has been shattered into thousands of micro factions, all strategically piloted to nurture anger and fear for each other.

Visually this project accesses the social issue via the obvious racial diversity, but the ideals behind it, dive way deeper into our collective psyche.

Race, patriotism, religion, political views, etc. are just some of the illusory barriers that keep us separated and disempowered. 

These are exciting times to be alive, in the midst of history being made:

Will humanity unite and seize its sovereignty, or will it fall divided into an ever increasing dystopian future? - United we rise, divided we fall.