Sharing some of the advertising projects i enjoyed the most

Coca Cola 100th year 

Coca-Cola celebrated the 100th years anniversary of the Symbolic packaging with a year-long campaign, featuring works from leading artists from each region of the world.

For Latin America the “Classic” project was chosen and also awarded in the Museum of Contemporary Art in Panama. These Works are now permanent part of the Coca-Cola Museum Collection

Lufthansa Unknown Places

In 2018 Lufthansa airlines opted for a very original campaign for the Italian market. The idea was to denounce the trend of people faking lives in social media, with the aid of Photoshop and other tools, sometimes even pretending to travel to improbable destinations.

The campaign, named Unknown Places, invites people to stop pretending a life and travel to actual existing locations instead.


My work for Karen Production in Milan, was to conceptualize the visual study and ultimately the visual proposal.

Ibiza Nightlife

Some samples of visual communication for famous clubs and events

i realized while living on the white island back in the days

Surf Dojo Academy

Surf Dojo, international surf Academy, commissioned a billboard size ad.

The request was of portraying their trademark cross-over training, consisting in having athletes exercising both on the waves and on half-pipe skate ramp.


This was part of a visual communication proposal I made for Swatch a while ago.

Unfortunately i wasn’t considered, but since I personally love it, I wanted to share it.