One, Nobody, 100.000

JJ was born in Genoa, Italy, from Swiss father and Panamanian mother.

After studying Architecture and design in the faculty of Genoa, he moves to Milan, starting a career in film and advertising production.


This parallel film experience influences fundamentally his Art, making Photography and Post-Production the fundamental media of his work: he develops his own original technique that he baptizes “Photopaint”.

Photopaint consists in sampling many photos in the computer and integrate them in intricate compositions that exceed the hundred layers, giving as ultimate result the detailed photography of the inner experience.

Some have compared it with DaVinci’s velature technique applied to photography.

Trough digital photography and computer he explores and deconstructs reality for than playing at re-assembling It in new configurations, exploring its limits and possibilities.


JJR considers Art as a tool to explore the world in all its facets. Avid of experience, he believes in an extraordinary life to produce extraordinary work, therefore dedicating himself to travel, exploration, and interacting with all sorts of cultures and practices: since a long time now he has been living the digital nomad lifestyle.

For many years, JJ and his camera, come in close contact with different cultures and landscapes all over the world, in the pursuit of compiling the scattered pieces of the riddle that holds the secrets of human nature.


His work is divided in “collections”, each as the end result that crystallizes the stages of his global journey.

Let’s Make Something Great


MOLAA Museum, Los Angeles

ERARTA Museum, St. Petersburg

Museum of Contemporary Art, Panama 

Museum of National Identity, Tegugigalpa

The Coca-cola Museum, Atlanta


Custom personalized Art for Hotels

and large edition print runs 



Stand out and seize unique opportunities by associating your brand with Art

Explore new paths of visual communication and ways to impact your target audience



Available for freelancing collaboration with advertising agencies.

Commission outstanding imagery for your campaigns: give a detailed realistic identity to your wildest ideas.


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